US Road trip | Lap & Braking Problem | Advanced Equipment

At Moroso Motorsports Park the American cousin Stig puts the wheels of the Top Gear trio for $ 1000 across ….

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  1. Topgear isn't the same without these 3. They are so great together I wish they went back to the bbc topgear

  2. I finally figured it out. The reason you never see the faces of the Stigs is because they're all Mandalorians!

  3. The UK jokes about the usa but without the economic help from the USA it would suddenly collapse. Imagine how funny that would be.

  4. Alligators are teddy bears compared to crocks, in that while they can kill you, they are very unlikely to do it, especially when plowing headlong into their river at 50mph in two tons of American Car.

    An alligator will usually give you a dirty look and trundle off, a Saltwater Crock will kill you on principle.

  5. They made FUN of a country that prioritizes military toys over public health, believes in religion over medicine and makes education and basic services unavailable to the underprivileged? HOW DARE THEY INSULT 'MURICA?!

  6. Apparently that was the real "Stig" i.e. Ben Collins. They stuffed towels into the racing suit to make him look fat.

  7. I am beginning to think that you may have some unflattering notions about us Americans across the pond.

  8. Missing the best line from this bit, when Jeremy says about needing a calendar, Hammond replies; "I'm going to hold this stone and as it's eroded by the wind it'll give us an idea of how long it's been"

  9. I hear them talk bad about the US and get salty for 2 seconds then remember its Top Gear. No one is safe from them

  10. I think it's hilarious what they call a woman over there in Britain and the dental work for that matter.i do hope they find my comment's humorous..


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