Vauxhall (Opel) Insignia Grand Sport 2020 in-depth review | Carwow comments

This is the Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport! If you are in the market for a new saloon, Vauxhall may not be the first to compete ….

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  1. Don't belive everything mat says these seats don't come standard on all models apart from the base model

  2. I just bought mine with 47.000km on it, it literally has all the options possible, but on the smallest diesel engine the 1.6 CdTi with automatic transition(which is great for me cuz I only plan to drive it home/work), and here’s my opinion on the first month since owning it:
    Driving is so good, so easy and it handles very well even tho it’s a big car, it really surprised me, and It’s a very comfortable car.
    The technology isn’t anything mind blowing, but considering the price compared to an Audi/BMW, it’s great, a simple infotainment system with good driving assistance, I really like thatt.
    The interior quality is good considering the price but there are things they could have done better, like the turning signal stick feels too cheap, and the rear mirror shakes alot especially if you’re listening to loud music with big base. And it surprised me that the only way to listen to music was with bluetooth connected to your phone, no SD card slot or anything. I also wish the apple car play could be done wirelessly.
    The quality of the rear camera is really awful.
    And what worries me is that the engine is really loud, like I know all these opels are noisy, but I mean this seems a bit too weird at times.
    For me so far so good, could have been better, but considering the price I’m more than happy.

  3. So much negativity and almost making fun of VX. The Insignia is an excellent all round large family hatch – best in class infact. A stonking amount of kit for the money, and great all round value. It drives great, looks great, handles perfectly ok and cruises like a dream. Try and spec up another manufacturers similarly sized car and watch that price skyrocket before you know it. I tried it with a Skoda Superb (which the Insignia looks miles better than), and once you add all the options that the VX has a standard, it was already over £35k!

  4. Imagine trying to distract from the awful reversing screen with electronic seat releases and ‘comfy chairs’. Also the digital speedometer has atrocious lag.

  5. People put vauxhall down because its a vauxhall but there alot better than people think look after it well and it will look after u

  6. Value for money is an understatement.

    An audi a3 (which ive got my eyes on) with 100k miles, 14 reg, you can expect to pay upwards of 9k and thats not even an s line, thats a bog standard A3, no parking sensors, no fol in mirrors, no heated seats. Just standard.

    An 18 reg Vauxhall Insignia, 30k miles on the clock, that has bells and whisles like parking sensors, lane assist, auto lights, auto wipers. Can range from 10k-13k

    And the thing is the Insignia is an all around better car than the A3, the A3 is just better styled.

  7. Odd that this thing is that cheap in the UK, here in Sweden the Opel Insignia Grandsport is quite a bit pricier

  8. Considering all we got here is the Cruze the Insignia looks phenomenal and insanely good value for money.

  9. You can really tell which cars he doesn't like from the get go…he didn't even bother to comment the exterior…

  10. 2 years later.. Has anyone got a longterm review regarding its reliability and fuel consumption? I am thinking of getting this car

  11. Recently bought a Buick Regal Sportback, (what they call the Vauxhall/Opel Insignia here in North America). Very impressed, good little mid-sized car. Handles well, great on gas, very smooth & quiet.

  12. Coming from Australia, this is our poor excuse for a commodore replacement. It’s crazy how gm call this a new model when the tech inside and out is older if not the same as the old car.


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