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The Volkswagen T-Roc: it’s the German brand’s take on the small SUV. It’s got striking looks and comes in a range of eye-catching … .

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  1. Matt aways bangs on about "Brittle" plastics the definition of brittle is "hard but liable to break easily." most of the plastics on these cars are hard but I'm pretty sure they are hard wearing too and I bet they are pretty hard to break.

  2. When I was in camping I saw one of these with the window open and someone tried stealing it but had a steering lock. I understand why they wanted to steal it.

  3. Dear Matt. I love your reviews. The only thing I’d say is when you list the 5 cool features of a car, you shouldn’t really then just mention features you get on premium models. 5 cool features and 5 annoying things should be on all models. Just my thoughts:)

  4. All good, but it retains all the irritating parts of the Golf, most notably the bad support for wide-shouldered thick-legged gentlemen such as myself. If you feel like a geriatric cripple every time you get out of your Golf, don't think the T-Roc will make it any better for you…

  5. Wow the reflective panel issue on the passenger side raised by Mat was one of the main reasons I didn’t go with T-Roc..

  6. I don't understand why this car exists. Golf is nicer in every way and tiguan is there if you want more space. What does this car offer?

  7. Switched off at golf. Wanted to know what was said about it but we'll say no more. It's a golf so no chance.

  8. I really dont know where vw is going with their new cars!! I used to them feeling premium, not so damn cheap. Disappointing


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