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Volkswagen Up! is the smallest German-made car. It is a city-made car – small dimensions make it easy ….

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  1. 6:15 ''you can't get stop start with a 1 litre turbo engine'' Someone please explain this as I know nothing about cars and am worried I have to turn the engine off and on if I'm in slow moving traffic. Sorry if I sound like an idiot

  2. Yeah, the driver seat does not have lumbar support, we are in 2021 for god sake not in the 80s, great expensive little car with crappy Front seats :/

  3. The build quality of the (Korean) Picanto is of a cheaper build quality and materials. Germans use better materials and technology in production and in the end after a few years is the better investment and the winner.

  4. Can you fit babies and children's carseats in the back? I know it has isofix points but I mean can you REALLY fit a carseat in it?

  5. This car looks like the ultimate small delivery car if you're anywhere outside the USA but I bet it would be extremely diffucult to drive it in USA because of all the ''huge'' cars, trucks, SUVs etc…

  6. As far as the fuel economy goes. A lot of it has to do with "engine break in period" when new from the factory. There's two methods to break in a reciprocating engine. There's the "Hard Break in method" and the "easy break in method". The Hard Break in is a lot easier to do and doesn't take as long however you will get bad fuel economy for the life of the engine. The easy break in takes a lot longer, more miles, more effort, skill and knowledge however you will get the best possible gas mileage for the life of the engine given that all your oil changes are on time. The down side to the easy break in method is that every once in a long while this type of break in will cause the brand new engine to suffer catastrophic mechanical failure if it wasn't made right at the factory. Which is all covered under the factory warranty anyway. My point is that this particular VW UP that Matt is test driving in this video might of got the "hard break in method" and that's why the fuel economy isn't as good. It's possible since it is a turbocharged engine and maybe the first ones who drove it before Matt had a lead foot from the excitement of trying it out

  7. The Up (and its sisters) are head and shoulders above any other car in the class when it comes to build quality and drive. The 75ps engine pulls great in this little car and the 90ps gets it really shifting. The suspension and steering are far more refined than you'd expect. I bought a top spec one for my daughter and I used to nick it for any short journey. Funky, cleverly designed, well built. Even giving it a bit…it always returned around 50mpg on short journeys. Brilliant little car.

  8. About to go abroad and looking to book a car for 8 days. For 39 quid I have the option of a two door up or the two door seat Mii. For an extra Dover I Gould have a fiat 500. Bit I quite like the idea of having a tiny mother for a few days, and tear it around Tenerife.

  9. The comment you made about you can’t get stop start in 1 L turbo model I’ve got exactly that car 1 L TSI up beats addition and I’ve got stop start and it works perfectly well

  10. 5:43 I don't know if you missed it. Our UP has a compartment for the tools, triangular safety reflector and the first aid kit under the bottom cover. It's made of fairly hard Polyurethane foam.

  11. 2:48 in a few decades later someone will have a vintage smartphone just so that they can show the full functionality of their vintage vw up at a car show


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