Volkswagen’s ‘Tesla Model Y’ – the new 320-mile range ID.4! FULL DETAILS!

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  1. So, could the ID.4 topple the Tesla Model Y? LIKE if you think so, or COMMENT if you'd choose the Model Y!

  2. I bought a Tesla. Did test drive almost all EVs on the market, including this one. Tesla is light years ahead of the competition. Never going back!

    Tesla great job, max speed, range especially leveraging its shape and weight. Still prefer, being in Europe, comfort. 99% of my trips are within 200kms one way. With the Hyundai IONIQ 5, I do look forward to ventilated seats, Android Auto, the roomy and comfortable interior, and HUD. Also like reclining seats with foot rest and reclining console for arms rest, all electronic aids especially against collisions, automated parking (Executive version), blind spot cams on dashboard when turning, V2L, sun shades integrated in back doors, electric sunroof shade, wide space available inside with good visibility through the back window etc.
    And the obviously efficient 400V to 800V internal battery inverter for fast charging. Also 5 year car warranty illimited kms (Max 80 000 for Tesla… Reliability issues?), and 8 year battery warranty (same as Tesla).

    Comment by Park Shawn translating from Korean to English this video :
    Ionic 5 LR and Model Y LR both have similar spec including weight, battery sizes. Details can be found on google. Here are some highlights from the conclusion they brought up at the end of the video. 1. Both car's AVG speed were about 100KM/h (Highway drive) 2. Both car's A/C and other convenience functions(like Highway drive assistance for Ionic 5, Auto Pilot for Model Y and etc.) were always on during the test. 3. 4 drivers drove about 100km per person and checked the remaining battery at designated location. 4. Both car have shown slightly poor battery performance than usual because of the weather condition (rain) 5. By just looking at the specification, Model Y can drive 141km more than Ionic 5. However the actual drive test have shown that the difference were only about 60~70km. This experiment have shown that IONIC 5's driving range is little longer than what Hyundai advertised. 6. They have concluded that both Ionic 5 and Model Y can drive from Seoul to Busan. The distance between those two cities are about 350km. Hope this helps.

  4. At this point, a bucket looks better than any Tesla. Tesla has lost the cool factor. They continue to sell the same design which married ugly and had 5 children. Tesla is done.

  5. I have often wondered, can this SUV, like other e-SUVs wade in water safely and how deep before disaster stikes, or will electrocution be a constant threat should one intentionally/accidentally drive into a deep water pool?

  6. Just to remind people these advertised ranges are in IDEAL conditions you will never have so, cut 50 miles + they test these with a skinny 45kg pilot, not a normal guy nor with other passengers with baggage and with all the features used (Climate/Radio..etc), add to this that you will barely make 200 miles in Winter and you have the real numbers 🙂

  7. VW have gone way off the deep end with using more and more plastic recently. As a current owner who has owned 4 VWs in 20 years I won't be buying another purely for this reason. The quality is being comprised. If I want a sea of hard plastic inside and out I will buy a cheaper brand. I love the design but I don't pay a premium for a non premium product.

  8. Sadly too low for me to even consider, this is around 160 and I needed 185 cms min. I guess thats because of the big heavy batteries which I guess won't, are it all to stable.

  9. I had to Google Skoda since I've never heard of them. I assume they're only local to Europe. I'm impressed with the ID.4. If the electric charging networks out there get as good as Tesla, I will look at alternates to Tesla. Good effort here

  10. Vw act like this car is the second coming, but to me it looks so lame, and generic. Can't see all the fuss, much rather have a Tesla.

  11. I prefer Tesla's look but my pocket is not that deep. Need to wait for couple more years for the battery price to drop.

  12. The European Commission has notified VW, BMW, and Daimler of its preliminary view that they engaged in illegal anti-competitive practices between 2006–2014, keeping diesel engines dirty. The automakers now have the right to defend themselves, but if found guilty, they face fines of up to 10% of global annual revenue ($26 billion for VW alone).

     Pollution costs the every country hundreds of billions of dollars a year, including countless premature deaths and horrible illnesses and suffering.

     Fossil fuels aren’t even cost-competitive any longer in much of the market.

     Fossil fuels continue to get ginormous subsidies from governments — the epitome of harmful, stifling, costly government subsidies.

     We are heating up the Earth’s climate so quickly that we may not be able to stop the runaway heating and society-collapsing consequences in a few short years (12 years by some counts).

     There are ways to quicken our inevitable transition to clean technology (solar energy, wind energy, and electric vehicles). But politicians are blocking those solutions.

    There has been fraud in the auto industry — for many years. There has been purposeful fraud to push illegal amounts of pollution on people without them knowing it. Yes, auto execs have been jailed for it, because this was real fraud.

    How about we support a company that is advocating our acceleration to sustainable energy? This is exactly what Tesla is doing, and very successfully. So far, Tesla has prevented over 3 million tons of carbon from being put into the air thanks to its vehicles not putting out any toxic exhaust.
    How the Tesla Model 3 became the World's Safest Car!

    Tesla’s Mission

    The goal of Tesla is to accelerate world’s transition to sustainable energy.

    Overview of Tesla

    We design, develop, manufacture, lease and sell high-performance fully electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and solar energy systems.

    Tesla Model 3 outshines Audi e-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace to become UK’s most popular EV.

    What is particularly impressive is that the Tesla Model 3 was able to overtake its rivals in terms of popularity in just one week. According to UK-based online leasing service, the Model 3 generated more personal lease inquiries within seven days in May than its premium rivals achieved during the entire month.

    Tesla is as much about software as it is about hardware, a bet that an iPhone on wheels is a lot more valuable than a tin can (ICE [internal combustion engine] vehicles).

  13. The Tesla is definitely the more stately design with the widest market. Its the only one in this group where you can feel equally comfortable driving to the flea market as you do to the symphony. The VW, on the other hand, just looks pure Gen. X. It reminds me of a Disney ride attraction with all the plastic cladding. It looks build purely for utilitarian purposes rather than luxury.

    As for the white steering wheel, that's just plain for display purposes only. Some things just aren't made to be light colors and a steering wheel is one of them. Not sure I like the "aftermarket" tacked on display either. Also, cup holders should always have covers. That way you get dual use out of the space instead of just a gaping hole when there's not drinks in them. Especially the armrest in the rear, where the cup holders space makes it useless as an arm rest. A gaping omission where a simple flip down cushion would fix that.


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