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This is the Volvo XC40. Unlike most manufacturers, Volvo has gone with a fresh and different design for their latest small SUV, … .

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  1. A very interesting review. As a current Volvo owner I am considering buying this model as my next car.

  2. This review smacks in the face of reputation over actuality. Having test drive a number of hybrid compact SUVs recently and the XC 60 it’s bigger brother, this by far the worst. The ride and the back seats were uncomfortable, to the point, the kids would be more irritable than usual. I was shocked at just how hard it felt going over the slightest bump and quality of the plastics reminded me of a proton. Following the test I questioned why it was so bad compared to XC 60, at which point salesperson explained the XC 60 had air suspension fitted. Unless you desperately want to pay Volvo’s over inflated prices, there are much better value for money cars on the market.

  3. Mine will move without the seatbelt fastened, love the car bought mine through care by Volvo also lovely and quiet

  4. Hi Carwow / Matt why doesn’t you ever user you “special” timing gear in Volvo reviews?

  5. Would be best if you’d add the brake test too and also images of crash test to your reviews, safety one first for some people…

  6. In INDIA most popular public transport brand is volvo, the sell buses, thats why they never developed the image of a luxary brand here in india.

  7. We are planning to buy a XC40 R-Design (B3 or B4 mild hydrid version). The question is: should i stick with the AWD or is it just fine to get the FWD ?

  8. That storage cabinet in the center console is actually a trash can! The idea was that it could be removed from the console and emptied when full. Smart thinking on Volvo’s part, and another of the many interesting bits and bobs of this car.

  9. My parents looked at one of these and lo and behold the trim did not fit properly on that either. I think it’s a manufacturer’s flaw

  10. I got Mild Hybrid 2021, and it dzīves me crazy. Everything is ok with the car, except cracking noise when braking at small speed or maneuvering in place. Interesting that you can not find this information in reviews, but only in xc40 owners forums.

  11. Volvo has one of the worst reliability ratings on the planet as of now. How incentivised are you to straight out recommend it to people to buy it. 😀


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