Volvo XC40 vs XC60 review – which is the better buy? | Head-to-Head

It’s Volvo vs Volvo in our latest head-to-head. The XC40 may be the smallest and coolest Volvo SUV you can buy, but how does … .

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  1. XC40 is a pile of crap, I had one as a courtesy car and it was the most uncomfortable and ridiculous car ever.

  2. My grandpa just bought the XC60 and my grandma bought a XC40 – they’re really happy with both!
    But personally, I prefer the XC60 inscription.

  3. This guy needs to slow his speech and speak more clearly. I could barely understand a word he said. A waste of my time

  4. the ugliest Volvo ever made ! Designers in love with triangles and decoratife details with ton's of american gimmicks . The designers of today were watching Star Wars yesterday …and you can see that. Fortunately they have no influence on the shape of a nice (naked) girl , otherwise I might lose my interest even here…..

  5. XC60 all day. Better looking car all round. And you can get a used one for a very good price if you shop around. I would go for either a D5 or T5 while you still can, as Volvo don't make 5cyl engines anymore, which is tragic.
    The XC40 looks like another Chinese influenced econobox to me, just like the offerings from MG.
    But based on looks alone, the V90 is the best looking, and probably the best equipped current Volvo, imo.

  6. Hmmmmmmmm hight range xc 40 but less the cost of a. low model of a xc 60 hmmmmmmmmm….. HMMMMmmMMmMmmMm

  7. Too expensive Chinese rip off of a Swedish brand…matt stop deceiving the public…these aren't even made in Sweden…they just bought the volvo badge…go and buy a hyundai with a 5year warranty not 3 as volvo are so confident on reliability they offer 3 on a car way more expensive…or an mg as they are Chinese and way cheaper with 7 year warranty…stop the badge snobbery and buy a car on merit not the badge…..These are not volvos period.

  8. 490 litres with the seats up and more than 100 litres with the seats down? I’m sure that’s what he said

  9. Ive got a volvo v60 cross country and its so nice to drive , its like you are flying very relaxing and great for long jearneys .. ill never change brand

  10. I still don't know i am always watching carwow reviews , even i can't afford those machines.. keep it up..!


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