VW Golf GTI in Ford Focus ST in Skoda Octavia vRS – DRAG RACE

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  1. Just watched a bunch of drag races between the gti and the st, this is the only one where the gti won. Either the auto really sucks, or something's not right here.

  2. Shows you just how lazy AutoExpress is compared to Carwow these days, they used to test cars on their own to get the actual performance numbers. Even on their recent comparison test, GTI vs focus ST, they still mentioned that the Focus is a lot faster than torquier than the GTI…when they are only using listed spec data. Proof that spec sheet numbers do not tell the whole story.

  3. Это каким он образом умудрился на 2.3 экобуст проиграть.. Гольфам???

  4. all this time and matt never chooses a manual vw group to have the sound check with a manual trans, always a dual clutch, no rev limiter with a manual, also more fun

  5. Focus ST it should have kept its 2.5 l engine instead of changing it to a 2.3 but yeah it is what it is

  6. It’s disappointing how slow the ST is at speed. It seems to get up and moving well then it loses it all. With 280 hp is should be capable of 13.7-13.8 in the 1/4 in perfect conditions on a prepped drag strip. Here I was hoping to see a 14.2-14.3 at least, but the midrange acceleration is mediocre. Oh well.

  7. As an everyday driver I have used Skoda Octavia Combi vRS diesel (180hp, 380 Nm). 6 years old, cc. 420.000 km in it. Today was 5.4 liter/100km in mixed road, from 50 km/h to 180km/h. It has had no problem, literraly nothing from the first day till now. I DO not care, what happen in 1/4 mile, in 14.xx second. I use it. That’s all. It would be my next choice. (I change car every 10 years, not every 1-2y. I need minimum 2 years to FEEL every reaction of my car. It is not about money. And yes, every vRS mate say hello with light horn to me, and we are very polite to each other.) I think, 150-250 hp should be enough for everyday driver. Sure, you can buy faster, stonger, much, more expensive fancy cars, but red light stops you every corner.

  8. I drove Golf and Octavia, and i don't see a reason to buy the Golf instead of Octavia, unless you really like the way it looks… Talking about normal cars, not RS vs GTI, cos i didn't drive those unfortunately…

  9. Never ever order this simply clevear, but never exected Skoda… you order, they tell 90 days…Than after 3 months they say 90 working days… Than after 4 months they say aditional 6 months but we canmot gurantee it.. Dudes 1 year to wait its like you order customed lambo… and this they cannot gurante it… total amaters from skoda..


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