VW Golf R 2021 review: see how fast it is 0-60mph!

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  1. like the seat leon, the design of this has regressed from the older version. might be technically better, but exterior look and "plasticy" interior just looks cheap and tacky.

  2. They should make an GOLF RS with the 5cyl from the RS3 while they can before euro7 comes in play.
    Come on AUDI,let them have it for 1-2 years!

  3. The color on your video is SOOO far off. Seems kind of important for someone doing cars to get that right so the car actually looks blue instead of purple. Color on the close ups looks good but not the other shots. Just sayin . . .

  4. He’s always trying to be funny and tbh he isn’t funny at all just get on with the review and stop the shit puns!!!!

  5. Idon’t get it and it pisses me off why VW doesn’t invest a bit more in materials! Especially for higher end models!

  6. Is it just me or does the stick or log change between close up shots and more wider views of the “stick of truth” section?

  7. Cool review! My opinion: The monobrow is the ugliest design feature by VW since, maybe ever. Looks like a cheap chinese lamp from a discounter.

  8. The Golf R always looked so menacing to me, but for some reason this one looks like a family electric car.

  9. These VW R and GTI are way over priced.
    Who wants a racing car with a conventional boring shell of a car body and pay a f.cking fortune for it?
    Only dumb Asses.

  10. Holy bananas! Now I wonder how quick the 6 speed manual would be if you were a good shifter? certainly not quite as quick, but still what fun it would be to go that fast. That's faster than an old school big block muscle car.

  11. Tool matts advice, ordered one yesterday top spec to replace my 7.5 gti, now the 1 year wait for delivery…


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