VW Golf R v Audi S3 – review & 0-60mph, 1/4-mile and brake comparison!

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  1. Okay so, I've already noticed substantial differences. Between the Golf R UK and NA versions. NA version can have a 6-speed manual or 7spd DSG. NA also only has one package option that has everything. NA has leather Seats. As well as rear disc slip differential. How are all R-line and GTI made in Wolfsburg and they ship the good ones to NA?

  2. So the conundrum is – Would you rather have the most expensive, sporty Golf? Or the cheapest, sporty Audi?

  3. I need a TURBO on that VW R-Line and then I will hunt down all the Lambo noobs on German Highways 😀

  4. The golf is the better car. Looks and performance beats the Audi just the interior that lets it down

  5. Doesn't make sense I have done both these cars in a test the golf launched 9 times and got a best time of 4.29 seconds

  6. I like the “sleeper” aspect of the Golf. The wing on my old STi Makes people assume I want to race when I’m just taking my kid for ice cream. In the Golf, people won’t know what you’ve got until you hammer it.

  7. Those plastic at the back door last ages, i've being driving VW when i was 16 till now 37, and never ever had any problem.
    In Australia now driving SS VF Redline and doors are softer with leather and for some reason they get ripped off and get dirty after few years ( rubish ).
    You got to wash them but then after few times of wash they look so old, so i prefer plastic much better.
    Soon now back to VW or Audi hard to choose which one.

  8. The interior of the S3 just makes it 100x better, even if they are using the same engine, the interior is worth every penny

  9. 27mpg. I've said it before and I'll say it again – these overboosted 2.0 4 pots are terrible on economy. The downsizing thing doesn't work. A 3.0 6 pot B58 returns better that that. And sounds better. And is much faster.

  10. Tbh I've always been a golf fan boy and this isn't an exception. I prefer the overall look of the golf. I personally think that the exterior is way more attractive. Audi however makes the better interior.

  11. Golf R is better than Audi in everything except maybe the interior but still it’s better in everything else for sure !

  12. Stick to the car review without the lame ass treatrics and the teenage mindnumbing attempt at humor!!jeez

  13. You're like the Russel Brand of car comparers! I say that with the utmost respect. Also, I' a Golf girl and LOVE my car.

  14. golf R used to be my dream car. Its a shame its fallen so far over the last 5 or so years. this is just downright horrendous

  15. As a S3 owner, I’m challenged by Golf R drivers a lot on the road, so this video just made me super devastated. The fact is that not only I won’t be able to beat them in the near future, but also I’ll have a hard time beating them even if I switch to RS3. I’m gonna sell my car now, and I have no idea what I’m gonna buy to at least beat a Golf R.


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