VW T-Roc R review – it’s a Golf R in sheep’s clothing!

Introducing the new Volkswagen T-Roc R! This little performance crossover is powered by the same 2-litre turbocharged petrol…

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  1. Love my t roc r, brought after testing and viewing this review 2 years ago. Does everything we need to, also took it on track and had a great time with it. Absolutely love it

  2. The guy is weird but loveable. Like the dog that you adopted from the dog shelter with a history no one wants to discuss.

  3. What a complete Twat! Honestly! Seen this silly Pratt do many reviews, with his obsession with water bottles storage and stupid nit picking! Surpassed himself with this review!

  4. garbage usless for woman's and.. baby boys. A two ton permanent FWD car?! who would need such a nonsense? Haldex on REAR AXLE?! What nonsense, rear axle should be main axle for power and torque, not that axle which get from time to time some 10% torque.

  5. 0:06 Mat Watson: Hi Honey I’m Home!
    2nd Mat Watson: Hello Darling.
    Mat Watson: I Think It’s New Car Time, And I’d Really Really Like To Get A Hothatch.
    2nd Mat Watson: Oh No I Don’t Think That’s Very Sensible.
    Mat Watson: Oh How About This Then, Look A Family Friendly Small SUV!
    Mat Watson: Go On Check This Out!
    2nd Mat Watson: Oh Yes That’s Much Better.
    2nd Mat Watson: But What Does R Mean?
    Mat Watson: That Stands For Responsible.
    2nd Mat Watson :That Seems Like A Much Better Choice, Thank You Very Much For Comprising We’ll Definitely Be Having Sex Tonight.
    Mat Watson: Oh Awesome! I’ll Just Go Get The Car Then.
    2nd Mat Watson: Why So I Have Paper Towel For Hair?

  6. Cars are becoming absolutely insane…the fact that a compact SUV with just over 300hp is doing 0-60 in the low 4’s…that’s not much slower than a Carrera GT was with over 600 hp…


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