VW T-Roc vs Audi Q2 review – which is better? | carwow

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to small SUVs, and the Audi Q2 & Volkswagen T-Roc are two of the biggest players… .

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  1. I am trying to get a small SUV. T-roc (2nd hand) is more expensive than its estimated value at my place (sold at 29000 Euro but the value is around 28000 Euro). To my surprise, Q2 is also sold for around 29000 Euro but with an estimated value of 30000 Euro. I have no clue why. Does that mean Q2 is not as good as T-roc? Looing at the specs, T-ROC OMG really equipped with many many things that I have no clue what they are ////////////////

  2. The troc is better! I’m very indecisive and have been figuring out which one to buy for a very long time. The Q2 entry level is very cheap looking the exterior and interior n I’m a massive Audi fan so was disappointed to find it’s only worth getting the sports upwards not technik

    The Troc is more solid n even at entry level looks great. Also worth to know that troc even at entry level drives exactly the same as the higher specs as it’s just the look that slightly changes with trim etc not the drive. I’d go for a 1.5

  3. Hmm german interior design… An alfa giulietta (same class of car) from 12 years ago has stylish metallic facia with fully integrated infotainment. Here we have an I pad hanging of a plain dash or a nice integrated infotainment surrounded by cheap plastic…

  4. Im waiting on a brand new T roc as a mobility car I looked at the audi q2 very nice but prefer the t roc .I was lucky to get the t roc as they are no longer going to be on the mobility scheme

  5. Nope. The T-roc is way better. I don't agree at all. That's my opinion. T-roc has better engines, better design, more comfy and more space and the hard plastics are fine, stop y'all about the plastics! You won't look at them and touch them for all of your life! That's very excessive!

  6. For heaving sake Matt you are kidding the VW is better because it’s more practical and it does not need to be sporty it will be some mum driving half of the time so my verdict is buy the VW

  7. Rear boot door on tRoc not electric. Too high for short people to reach to close. Awkward but love the car perfect seat height to slide in & out without hip stress.

  8. Hi mat
    From india
    In india t-roc is just half a price of audi q2, so which one U preffer should one buy…..t-roc for 20,00,000 and audi for 40,00,000 …..

  9. Hello mat love you bro nothing to be more said its fabulous
    Without any lade its fantastic
    So wistful
    Omnipotent god bless you man


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