Walking Down: New Defender, Ariel Nomad, Suzuki Jimny | TopGear.com | Advanced Equipment

Here is a quick combination of some of the best runners we’ve shown on the channel, doing what they do best. No, not ….

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  1. In the good old days, Clarkson would have a defender, Hammond a Ranger Wildtrak, and May, obviously, a little jimny

  2. If I'm in Africa and my life depends on my car I will get the old defender for second choice the first one will always be either a toyota pickup or a land cruiser There is a reason they are used there they survive.

  3. This seems bottom gear not top gear, sorry seems the presenters are having fun alone it's not engaging or spontaneous. I do miss the old TG.

  4. Old trio at 13:17
    Clarkson as narrator: ‘in true top gear fashion, we were working as a team, so we thoroughly reviewed all the options to help James’
    Hammond in person: “so, we could leave him… or shoot him and leave him”
    Clarkson in person: deep thinking
    Clarkson in person- directly to camera: “we have thoroughly analysed the situation and there is nothing we can do”
    camera shows Clarkson telling James
    Clarkson as narrator- in voice with DeEpEsT sYmPaThIeS : “James…didn’t take the news well”

  5. wauv, this is still so bad that its not something you wanna watch.
    – first the defender is more or less the standard "take the journalist to an exotic location in the car" so that he can completly forget about the car and be amazed about the scene.
    ( and so "topgear" forgot about the car )
    – second, what the hell.. driving a nomad up a mountain, not really any story, not really any struggle not really any thing told that you needed to hear, and the end was.. nothing.
    – third.. WHA.. put a bike vs a car, serious ? this is so bad.

  6. Well, you guys can just stop watching it and just watch the grand tour. I watch this for the cars and i watch grand tour for entertainment.

  7. The new Defender has lost its way, no longer a utility vehicle, Farmers and the Army will be crying into their Cornflakes along with power and telecom companies.

  8. Looking at this is like checking on an ex on facebook and seeing that she still hasnt found anyone else yet and is probs gonna die alone.
    hay its sad and morbit but so is what happened to this version of top gear the real version is grand tour


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