Watch This Before Buying a Ford Ranger 1998-2012

Do you have or are about to buy a Ford Ranger from 1998-2012? Well, watch this! I break down the common issues and reliability …

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  1. I have a 2000 Ford ranger with the 3.0 V6 what would be the reason for something in my engine to sound like it’s rattling almost like a bell only when I give it gas

  2. I have a 2005 Ford Ranger, 2.3 L, 5 speed manual. 260,000 miles. Runs really good. No issues other than the check engine light on, lol. I think its a minor issue because I don't know what is wrong to trip the light, everything else runs great

  3. What’s the best model out of all them what’s a model I could put my fourwheeler what’s the model with the most hrspers or torque

  4. I had a 96 ranger. Put 518,000 miles on it in 23 years of hard use. My family literally held an intervention to get me to buy a new truck! Geez… Anyway, I caved and replaced it with a 2010. I've had it 3 years and love the thing. 130,000 miles on it now. No real issues so far except the heater fan broke. I replaced it myself. I love the Rangers!

  5. I just inherited a 2008 Ranger Sport extended cab 4.0L 2wd with 90,000 miles. My uncle RIP Unc, babied it and did all the scheduled maintenance. He wrote everything down on a small Mead notepad and has all the receipts. How many miles do you think I'll be able to get out of it if I maintain it like he did? I'm going to drive it until it dies and I'm hoping to pass it down to my son. Great video/information!

  6. I have a 2008 sport 4×4… 240k on it now. Still looks and runs like new. I haven't had any of these issues but I do look after it well.

  7. Head gaskets at 85k. New trans at 75 k. The 3.0 drive train was garbage. I know 3 guys that all had these same problems. Mazda engines were garbage back then.

  8. Bought a 2000 XLT, 4.0 , 4×4 , extended cab with 101,000 miles on it 2 years ago and I love this truck!! I’ve only put another 11,000 miles on it but it’s my hunting club / backup truck. It gets horrible gas mileage (15 to 17 mpg) but it will go anywhere in air conditioned comfort!
    For a 21 year old vehicle it’s in perfect shape. No dents, no codes, no tears in seats or cracks in dash, a/c and all switches and radio functions like new! The paint is fading but it had to be garage kept for most of its life.
    I’ve owned many new vehicles including a new in 2002 svt lightning and I’m just as proud of my Ranger as I was of any of them! The best part is, I don’t have a payment book!!

  9. I have a 2000 Ford Ranger V6 3.0. My camshaft synchronizer started making some major squeaking noises. Luckily I figured it out as one mechanic thought my cam was going bad. I found another mechanic that fixed it for less than $100. Does anyone else have cruise control button issues? Mine are falling apart.

  10. Never had such a crappy truck in my life. Chronic check engine light, rough idle and mechanics that have the look of death when I pull in there shop. No wonder my friend gave it to me for free.

  11. One problem I've had occasionally: the centrifugal switch under dash on passenger side, occasionally sticks. Its meant to cut off fuel in case of collision. If you ever think your fuel pump crapped out, give that switch a jiggle before tackling pump.

  12. I have a 2000 Ford Explorer 4.0L with 297K miles on it. Just recently rebuilt the front end suspension and cooling system. I have had none of the issues mentioned in this video.

  13. Just bought an 06 range xlt 4×4 for $5500 with 133k miles. Only needed to change the wheel bearings and everything else works great. I love this truck! Thanks for the tips. Hopefully I don't have any of these issues.

  14. I have a Mazda b2300 2003 which is a ranger with a Mazda sticker slapped on. I have had engine oil leaks, transmission fluid leaks, coolant leaks, broken water pump, squeaking suspension (ball joints, shocks/struts). I have probably spent 10,000$ repairing the thing because it’s hard to work on such a small space. So if you do get the truck and it needs repair. I recommend repairing everything at once so you save money from taking the engine/transmission out every-time. Overall it’s never left me on the side of the road. These repairs were made over a 4 year span so about $2,500 a year on maintenance. From 40,000 miles to about 78,000 miles

  15. I just bought a 97 Ford Ranger the perverse owner had replaced every single bolt on item still the truck ran rough missing backfiring. I replaced the vac line for pcv valve for $1.22 truck runs perfectly now payed $200 for the truck now for sale for $5500

  16. Ive got an '07 FX4 that i bought with 61k miles on it, lets run down the repairs thus far.

    1. Bed disintegrated due to rust, installed flatbed.
    2. 5R55E transmission has broken twice,
    3. Rear diff grenaded.
    4. Thermostat housing
    5. Suicide door latch.
    6. Wheel bearing went, snapped the axle in the process.

    I cant wait to actually get this truck paid off so its not a daily driver anymore. Its a great little truck, but it cannot handle 30k miles/yr

  17. I have a 2000 XLT 4×4 flex fuel

    Stretched out cable, blend door actuator, e brake cable, center console, had to pull engine replaced rear main seals, clutch 3 batteries


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