WAY better value than Land Cruiser! (Nissan Patrol V8 2022 review)

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  1. Even if you could buy two patrols for the price of one LandCruiser you would still only have two patrols and not one LandCruiser…

  2. I would wish to have this patrol in my garage, along side it's earlier brothers G270d, J100, to facilitate my off-road tours

  3. I want to like this car with the looks and the V8, but with that outdated interior with no tech, that’s a deal breaker for me.

  4. I can't believe that there sell these in Aus with this old trim level, in the Middle East, there has been 2 interior facelifts aready but it appears that Nissan is really lost in Aus market and betting to be as cheap as possible than the LC…

  5. The LandCruiser is way overpriced and when the car market turns on a downward spiral soon due to high interest rates LandCruiser buyers will be losing a massive amount of money!

  6. Plus standard unleaded at present is $1.59 over diesel at around $2.15….it will change ofcourse but at over 50c a litre it’s makes it cheaper to run (for now)
    Bargain buying I feel

  7. Just note – the servicing interval is inaccurate in this review.
    Nissan has changed it now to every 12 months or 10,000kms. That applies now to all Y62, from series 1 onwards.

  8. No way it's better than a landcruiser haha, that's the funniest clickbait I have seen in a while . Landcruiser will always be the GOAT

  9. Even with their dodgy rear control arms and glass front cv’s …
    I’ll stick with the cruiser thanks

  10. A V8 4×4? In this economic climate? Fossil fuels being reduced for more "green" options. Some people just outright refuse to accept that things have to change, just stamp their feet and continue to pay rising fuel costs. Crazy.

  11. Nissan ran the same engine modified to make 650hp
    It will be super reliable probably more so than the new V6 turbo diesels

  12. Got one of the first Y62 Patrols sold in Oz, still wouldn't consider replacing it with the LC300 toy……. 9.5 years old and still going strong!

  13. The 5.6 litre V8 in the Patrol is fuel efficient compared to the recently superseeded 5.7 litre V8 in the Lexus LX570. Kudos to Nissan for a good traditional petrol motor. It may cost more to fuel but no turbos to go wrong, or fancy hybrid systems and stop start engine technology where the maintenance and upkeep could wipe out the fuel savings over the lifetime of a vehicle.

  14. It’s 2022 where’s the hybrid and they need to get their reliability sorted before I can look at one

  15. Driving on average 30K per year, I would buy one tomorrow if it were not for that rather hideous interior. Such a shame as the 70th year anniversary Patrol model (avail in other markets, but not Australia) looks modern, present day and a rather nice space to be in.

  16. Better value hey.

    Patrol v Landcruiser total cost of ownership
    Landcruiser purchase GXL -$108193
    Sell in 3 years at 82% lose $19474 with 60,000kms. Fuel use @ 8.9lph @ 2.20 p/l over ownership is $11748
    Servicing $2,250

    Total cost $33,742

    Patrol purchase TI @ 89,602
    Sell in 3 years at 78% lose $19712 with 60,000kms. Fuel use @ 14.5lph @ 2.20 p/l over ownership is $19140
    Servicing $1,596

    Total cost $40,448

    Prices from manufacturers website

    Resale values from red book

    Average combined fuel economy from manufacturers

    Service intervals and costs taken from manufacturers website includes capped price servicing.

    Diesel and premium 95 is about the same price averaged out at 2.20 per litre

  17. Im sticking with my Pajero. A lift, good 32s, front bar/winch, rear diff lock and some plates…gets me everywhere I want to go and the 3.2 returns around 11l per 100. 7 years old and hasnt missed a beat.

  18. I love the car but that infotainment is just a deal breaker. That's the stuff you interact with everyday so to put up with that for 5 or more years no thanks. The rest is great..

  19. People are still willing to pay 120k for a what's essentially a 1985 75 series with a v8 update. I don't know why people are so hard on the Y62, sure it's getting on but I wouldn't call anyone crazy for picking one over a 200 or 300 series just because its a 10yr old platform. It's still a great performer, on and off road. That's a hell of a lot of touring you can do with the price difference. Nissan built V8s are a good thing.

  20. Don't listen to this guy. Get a Ti-l. If your going off-road the front bumper will be replaced with a bar anyway.

    If you can afford it, definitely go the Ti-l

  21. Come on Nissan Australia, treat your flagship with respect, give it 2022 apple car play/andoid auto and ditch the walnut trim

  22. That's my dream car. It looks gorgeous, very-well proportioned.
    90% of peak torque available below 1700 rpm.
    Those who own one get better fuel economy over time, and the decision to only include a petrol V8 is so radical, it's awesome.


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