We Found 6×6 Ford Ranger! Testing Rear Steer!

We bought a 6×6 Ford Ranger with rear steer! Save 10% off your first order with Ariat – https://bit.ly/303LaBg In this episode we buy …

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  1. I was almost thinking the switches remind me of a plow controller…not quite, but that would make sense if it were since those run off hydraulics as well. Cool truck.

  2. So ignorant question (meaning I don't know. Not that I'm being a jerk)
    On the hillclimb, the front set of tires was spinning and the rear sets were giving up. Is that because the rear set is not getting power due to the wheel slip of the front set? Or is it because the back-most diff is open and the tire on the other side was spinning?

  3. I was looking for lockers for a m151 the and found a forum post about Suzuki samurai differential lockers working with some modification.

  4. This thing is awesome! One thing to note, though: Depending on which engine this truck has in it, be sure to disconnect the battery when doing an oil change. Ford had the bright idea of putting the oil filter right over the starter, and, if you use a band-wrench to remove the filter, you can arc across the starter terminals and cause a fire. I used to work in a Valvoline Instant Oil Change, and it was a standard protocol to disconnect the batteries on these trucks specifically because they've had fires happen. Some of our band-wrenches even had notches etched into them by the starter terminals when used for oil changes before we established that protocol. It's a weird and scary thing, man! Anyways, I just wanted to mention that because I'd hate to see this thing burn to the ground because of an oil change.

  5. OMFG, This was for sale in Centralia WA for years while i was in college there. It sat in the dealership in the town for hella long and it was sold off some where else when the dealership went belly up it was never heard of. And I graduated there 3 years ago

  6. Ha ha, thought about buying this when it was here in Soldotna, AK. Glad it went to a good home 🙂 Have fun

  7. Especially given where this came from (Soldotna, AK), the coincidence of the "Ranger" name, and even the use of independent rear suspensions, I have to wonder if this build was inspired by the Polaris Ranger 6X6 UTV.

  8. yall know a 5.0 from a first-generation explorer bolts right up to everything that's on that truck right?

    (technically a 302 short block because the only thing that changed from like 67 to 2001 was an EFI system)

  9. @15:50: the diff appears to be out of an M151 "Mutt", so the suspensions probably are as well.

    It was not a 6X6 so I don't know why it had a feed-through pinion shaft… but it does appear to.

    The M151 was a 4X4 with four-wheel independent suspension, but the rear was not double A-arm or steerable like both of these, so this conversion presumably used two front suspensions.


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