What's new with 2018 Ford Raptor

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  1. Unfortunately the word FORD at the front and back is so big. It isn't a brand name any more. It is an advertising tool. I believe we as customers must appeal to FORD to charge them for this advertising tool. Yes I am serious. FORD is so so big to be as a logo or a brand. I believe FORD is misleading their customers and use them as advertising tools. Thank you

  2. I think you will be seeing Ford owners going over to the new RAM trucks. V-8’s, 8 speed transmission. Only bad thing is that “dial-a-shift”!

  3. I just drove a 18 Raptor. Love it better than my v8. It hauls ass !! The trans is nice and all around beast of a truck !!!

  4. Over priced non V8 turd box. It’s a big truck and should have a V8. I don’t care how much horse power it has, it still sounds like a rice rocket crapbox. Stick a 5.0 supercharged coyote engine in it. Hey FORD, its an American truck you scumbags. The new advertising slogan for the Raptors should be “The look of a Beast with the heart of a Honda Ridgeline”.

  5. Rumor of the v8engine returning for 2019in the raptor what will happen to price of 18sand17s will price fall through the floor

  6. At first I didn't like the 2017/18 Raptors, but now they're growing on me. Don't think I'm going to trade my 2012 for one though. Just don't like the V6 option, but if they are so stuck on it I guess I don't have an option lol.

  7. thats the problem this truck is a toolbag magnet . Sorry you two are still fucken chumps you cant shine shit .


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