Why did FORD move the 23 Ford Maverick ORDERING date?

Followup information on why Ford extended the ordering date for the 2023 Ford Maverick and confirmation of the order dates for …

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  1. Ford has been building cars for, what, 2-3 years by now? You would think they would have it figured out by now.

  2. Why would people want to buy a truck that will be a year old when they receive it. Depreciation before you even own it.

  3. My Ford dealer convinced me not to cancel my Oct 15 2021 Maverick Hybrid XLT with 360 how about building all the 2022 orders first.

  4. I have a question. I drive for a living doing traffic control for oversize loads. About 85% I'm driving and other 15% is sitting on the side of the road doing traffic control. So my question is, with the hybrid Maverick, does the truck cycle off and on to keep the AC blowing or just run motor? The reason I ask, because sometimes I sit for 2 or more hours on the road side and I need AC. I hope it cycles because I don't want to idle for hours amd hours. As if right now, I pop my hood and manually turn on and off the car to cut down on the idle

  5. Tim – Mere words can't express how much we appreciate what you do here. Your efforts and willingness to share honest and very valuable information is amazing. We have a 22 Maverick on order, and you have helped us a great deal with what you have shared. Thank you VERY much. YOU ROCK!!!

  6. For those who are furious or even upset about the order date moving, know this. It will NOT change the build or delivery date of your MY23.

  7. But Tim, what about info on the constraints? Are the constraints still effect for 22’s and will the constraints effect orders for the 23’s?

  8. I see that you do not respond to the comments. I will ask a question anyways.Will there be a “23” Bronco Sport Hybrid?I would also be interested in a Maverick Hybrid AWD.Please answer if you know. Thanks!

  9. I never thought I'd see a day where I have to pre-order and pay a premium on a mainstream Ford.
    I'm used to seeing excess inventories and several thousand bucks in discounts.

  10. Tim,
    Thx for keeping us all up to date. I realize the long wait for the Maverick – for many of us can be frustrating. Its certainly not you, nor the Ford dealers causing the delays. Its strictly a function of overwhelming demand outstripping a finite supply — thats further complicated by global supply shortages. Its a perfect storm. As customers, we are all in the same boat. And I’m not gonna lose any sleep over this. It is what it is.

  11. Tim, who do I contact to get on list to order 23 maverick hybrid at msrp at long McArthur? Phone #?

  12. I am wondering if they are going to have a big announcement at the NAIAS they think people may want to order if they convert to a 2023 as the new order date is the day after opening/media day at the NAIAS in Detroit after a couple year hiatus.

  13. This is why I'm ordering from Long McArthur, and I'm in Texas. They know what they're doing. Thanks Tim.

  14. Trying to become a first time Ford owner and seeing if I can get a 23 Maverick order in. Your videos both on the 2023 as well as how ordering goes behind the scenes for 2022 last year have been super helpful. Hope all your customers love your dealership since Transparency is always valuable when purchasing.

  15. The two dealerships I talked to in the twin cities in minnesota today don't know that the date was pushed back yet. When will ford send out memos to other dealerships?

  16. Tim your information from the Zone Rep is timely and very valuable. Thanks for taking the time to distribute the facts among so many swirling rumors. Accurate real time information is so rare these days and your legitimate sources and dedication to your craft is a pure wave of fresh air.

  17. Ford is cracking down on scalping dealers, 3 strikes and your out. Can you speak to Ford's desire to sell direct to the public?

  18. I have a 2022 unscheduled Maverick hybrid order with a priority 2 code am I able to still change the color since I don’t have a vin or build date yet? Thank you

  19. I have a 22’. Do you think I could sell it for same price or profit and be able to pick up a 23’ on order or are the used car sales starting to drop

  20. Thanks for the update. I have no issues with what Ford is doing. I am ordering a 23 Maverick; when the books open sep, oct, nov; no biggie. I was not planning on taking delivery for the 23 until at least Jun 23. Any date prior to Jun/Jul would be wonderful. Quick question; I read on these Maverick threads that people are calling Ford directly to get updates on their Maverick. How do you obtain the phone number or website to track your build? Thanks and have a great weekend.

  21. Let me say I have owned Ford most of my life,77 years. I want
    a new Maverick,but Ford management does't seem to know what their doing. One day its the middle of August,then ,the first of August, then September Then you read they are laying off 6000 people, they are going to sell cars without dealerships
    What drugs are they on?

  22. All the Broncos stored near me in Michigan (awaiting chips, or something else) have disappeared this week. The production outlook must be looking brighter for Ford.

  23. Thanks for the update Tim. Question: is it too late now to change the color on my 2022 order? it is not yet scheduled. My priority code: 02. Order in Sept'21. Thanks a lot.

  24. We put in an order for a hybrid XL Maverick on April 1 this year. Do you think that we can get a 2022 truck or will it be a 2023?

  25. Thank you again tim! This makes perfect logical sense but they should have done it earlier and it's a shame that the dealers don't have anything official yet.

  26. I called CS and they said my November 10th 22' Hybrid XLT (with no constraints) unscheduled balance out order, got converted directly by Ford to a 23'
    and the "private offer" is a $750 gift certificate to apply to the purchase price at the dealer.

  27. Thank you Tim, I talked with Sarah this morning. She told me the same. Thanks for all the great updates . Also for everything you guys do. So will see what happens with my order.


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