Why self-driving cars are a LIE!

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  1. In 2005 I did pedestrian detection as my final project at the university. Then I guessed that it will take at least 10 years for commercially viable self driving cars to appear. I was wrong, there still aren't any.

  2. interesting, the fact that this video doesn’t have many views suggest to me it’s not a very compelling argument. Mercedes level 3 autonomous vehicle and waymo shows they are not a lie, you are talking about “full self driving”, which is level 5, and not many people believe it’s going to happen, but that doesn’t mean self driving is a lie. One of the worse videos on self driving cars Ive seen in 2022

  3. Concept cars in 2050 – One of the best Level 5 fully automonous that can travel anywhere in the world without steering wheels and pedals by sitting down for rest with zero accidents, and zero malfunction! Production of car will be released soon without steering wheels and pedals!

    Production cars in 2050 – There will may not produce a level 5 fully automonous! Steering wheels and pedals will may install in the vehicle that will be optional between autopilot and manual controls due to reasons! Self driving cars will may increase amount of risks for self driving cars that caused of malfunction, bad weather, too fast, too slow at highways, not turning headlights on at night, giving wrong direction on GPS navigation, and losses of fun driving!

    Me: "SEE!!!! I TOLD YOU….!!! Self Driving cars on level 5 in the year 2050 will never gonna happen to general public with private cars! It's a ultimate liar! Government should not mandate everyone to use self driving cars in 2050 in order to save our jobs! Damaged traffic sign will created self driving car in danger! NOBODY WILL TRUST WITH THOSE DRIVERLESS CARS!!!"

    Everypony: "YEAH….!!!! AGREE WITH THAT…!!!"

  4. While I agree that the progress of self-driving cars has been routinely overhyped by the industry, it’s way too early to say the tech is a “lie”. We already have pilot programmes of level 4 self-driving vehicles up and running. The comparison with flying vehicles is also a poor one. The fuel cost alone of putting a car in the sky is always going to make it a non-starter (at least until we can get a Mr Fusion installed). By comparison, the economic case for automated vehicles makes obvious sense, which is why so much more investment is going into the technology. And yes, the roll-out of AV’s is going to make a lot of insurance lawyers very rich, but let’s not pretend like the courts aren’t already awash with disputes about driver-related incidents. I think it’ll be a long time for the technology to come to fruition. Maybe 5-10 years for the first level 5 pilot programmes, 10-15 years before true AV’s become commercially available and 30+ years before driverless cars make up a significant fraction of the global fleet. But it’s way too early to write the tech off at this stage.

  5. Hate the idea of Driverless cars and Assist this Assist that items.
    connected cars that Russia can hack and give you automatic parking and speeding tickets.
    If you can’t Park a car you should not be on the road….
    Traction control, ABS ok…
    But don’t screw with my braking and steering….
    VW Assist braking lawsuit on its way from the US…
    All this is puts the prices up and i have 2 assist items kept going wrong.
    Stop me buying new cars now…
    Keep my older vehicles as long as i car.

    New cars sales i am sure will go down.
    Insurance companies worry who caused the accident

  6. “Can it drive you around town without you actually doing anything?” – That’s being beta tested by drivers in the States right now


  8. You missed an important aspect of the Tesla. Machine learning…every mile the Tesla drives it gets better at driving in that it never forgets a single situation. Granted it may take 20 to 100 years but it'll happen.

  9. Idiot talking in the video is right, self-driving cars IS a lie – right now. But, inevitably, we'll get there. And at that time it will stop being a lie, so peruse this video while the moron preaches to the right choir.
    I assume, btw, that the loaded word "lie" is used to devalue the entire industry, just not that it's not quite here yet (in 2022).

  10. The problem is transportation systems are built for humans. Once we build the “intelligent transportation system” into a “autonomous transportation system” at the infrastructure level achieving level 5 autonomy will happen at a grand scale

  11. About the law. In Germany this is already done, because the laws are that general that if you get approval as maker of something without human input, the builder is responsible.

  12. I think the biggest problem , its the infrastructure from roads that they have too adapt too automate driving cars.
    This will cost all lots of money and time.
    Its not for now, i think we need 40 years more

  13. The point is that this technology will only ever have the chance to achieve full autonomy by collecting data from real world situations. This can only be done by allowing developers to integrate upgradable systems into our vehicles. Is it right to call a system ‘full self driving’? Probably not. Which system will eventually crack the problem? The one that has the largest adoption and can utilise the data fed back from all its vehicles. Yes it’s about money, but it’s also about being first. It will happen eventually but having a moan is what we do best.

  14. This video will age like milk. 15 years ago, it was a pipe dream. Now, you actually have cars driving around cities. A computer will never get tired, have road rage, become impatient, be under the influence, become distracted or daydream. The technology will improve and eventually there will come a day when it is decided that AI cars are safer than human-driven cars. The only thing that might stop this is a move away from cars in general (climate change, etc).

  15. As someone involved in visual perception research, I deeply distrust the current computer vision approaches that are a core part of self-driving car AIs. Neural networks (as they're misleadingly called) are pretty famous for being very accurate 99.9% of the time, and wildly inaccurate the other .1%. That sounds great on paper, and can even out-perform humans on certain types of tests. But it's not really good enough when you're processing several images per second and one or two "wildly inaccurate" classifications can mean that someone dies.


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