Willys Jeep: a car that helped win the war | Top Gear RETROspective

When Jeep turned 80, we challenged his most recent hero. Even the basic driver’s machinery does not have ….

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  1. ALMOST every Jeep in the CJ / XJ / ZJ series had round headlights, except the first-generation Wranglers in the 1980s,

  2. why he is presenting as a driver when it can be seen clearly he is not a pro driver…so please top gear stop being those cheap kind of organisation and find someone who can really drive and know what to say,,

  3. You'll have to put the original Jeep and land rover in a scrap on that course and the two new ones as well?

  4. What a shame that you could not use a real WW2 jeep in your you tube video.The jeep you are using is a post WW2 jeep and is not the same Model as a 1941 – 1945 jeep.
    It puzzles me as there's thousands of real WW2 jeeps still out there.

  5. Well I have to say that M38 looks very similar to mine with it painted drab olive, but mine's a '58 CJ-5 and I didn't save the original top because it was too rotten.

  6. They must of been able to find a ww2 era jeep rather than a Vietnam era jeep which was a war the Americans definitely did not win

  7. the Russians had 85% weight for winning WW2, by numbers and land, the lies we tell ourselves. as evidence look at the Korean war that followed.

  8. Is it me or his coming the Richard hammond of the current top gear.its only time soon we need him on prime time telec

  9. That's not a World War II jeep I knew as soon as I saw the grill because there are only seven grill slats not nine like the ww2 ones

  10. I own a 58 Willys Cj5, a 44 Ford GP, and an 85 AMC Cj7, grew up riding in and learned how to drive (at age 11) in my Dad's 70 Kaiser Cj5 Renegade….I love Jeeps, I'll never not own one….

  11. A tribute of this kind is badly overdue. I'm pleased that Top Gear UK has seen fit to finally deal with that lack of notice of the history of the Willy's Jeep and its impact on automotive history during and after World War II.

    Thanks a LOT, guys!

  12. There’s Only One….no doubt about it. But that M38 which you’re carting about on the trailer is not the WW2 Jeep that was the original ancestor to the present day Jeep.


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