World’s First Supercar Submarine

This is the U-Boat Worx Nemo 2, a submarine that’s like a supercar of the sea! The Nemo 2 can take two people below water at a … .

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  2. The only thing I can say that is kind of crappy about this is in several clips I saw where the fans from that were tearing up the bottom floor. Not good at least to me.

  3. You JaBroni's put that back on the shelf . The old screen door statement on submariner. 30 k under the Sea , Jules Verne read it 40 years ago, must, revisit.
    How deep how long and how far ? And what about 650k . And how do u transport and insert into water wheels Crane Superman lift and toss. Hahaha

  4. It's not regular oxygen bro, it's regular air that is put inside to float to the surface, and you can't open to get outside and put air, someone from surface would need to dive in and connect a hose and fill it up incase the submarine can't surface or possible have an air leak, or not enough air to float. You doing a good job at advertising but just understand the unit then explain.

  5. This should be fun when a thirty foot swell comes in and smashes it into little tiney pieces .and the fish food inside gets eaten .

  6. Of course you don't know anything. You sound like you just got out of MTV hip hop music video. Couldn't the owner of this channel find someone to do a submarine overview with a person who knows what they're talking about instead of trying to act like they're "hanging out with da boys"…

  7. Yeaaaah but what if you re under a cave and you push the button to go up you ll never make it to the surface instead you will underneath rocks and you could not do anything…..oxygen will finish and you ll die inside….


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