World’s Largest Land Vehicles

These are some of the largest land vehicles in the world. Bigger than multiple stacked double-decker buses and heavier than … .

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  1. The bagger is responsible for the removal of 80% of the earth mountains. There’s only a small percent of mountain tops left.

  2. While I was on the highway with my dad, I remember seeing a really big wheel being hauled by a military truck. I can’t remember how big it was since I saw it for like 30 seconds 3-4 years ago. Though, I would say it’s around the size as one of the wheels on the Belaz 75710 at 0:20.
    Is it very unlikely for these beasts to be transported by water, like transporting the Bagger 293 from Germany to the US?

  3. I've seen none of these except the largest of them all, the Bagger in Germany. Not from up close but from the Autobahn it looked gigantic.

  4. Cool stuff I have worked in Fort Mcmurray in Alberta Canada in the tar sand mines I have seen lots of this stuff . you missed some like the Komatsu dozer , massive !

  5. биг муски копавший панамский пролив был тяжелее, но явно не такой эффективный как немец

  6. There are many such machines designed for particular work and when the job is over, they are destroyed.

  7. This is probably by far the most amazing production of knowledge you guys ever put on SB channel…good job sergi, Alex n crew.


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