World’s Most Powerful Car

This is the Hennessey Venom F5, the world’s most powerful production car. The Venom F5 produces over 1800 horsepower and … .

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  1. Bugatti cars they luxury and the look very expensive inside and out side while doing 300+ they don’t have to strip Dawn anything
    It surprising how other carmakers failed to do that

  2. ALEXANDRA(aka supercar blondie) NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY…all the addresses you have sent on telegram are scam addresses. they are all being run by scam artists hoping to score a buck. I thought your channel was respectable. what a joke!!!

  3. If i compare this to Bugatti i see the Bugatti more precise like the Venom
    And the Bugatti engine is a masterpiece compare to all another brands
    This engine limit is not 1600hp but would be hold ist after a 100.000km to

  4. its one of the most powerful cars, BUT NOT THE MOST, its not fair to make blanket statements like that , the have done their fastest high speed run yet , unfortunatly that title belongs to SSC Tuatara , not their 1st attempt when they lied , but their 2nd attempt SSC did get the fastest production record, if anything the Bugatti 305 plus is the most powerful , but only did one pass where it hit 304 mph, or what about the Koenigsegg Jesko absolute , they say that will blow the Hennessy outta the water , look I am being objective and honest , I think the Venom F5 is amazing, but until it takes the record I think blanket statemenst need to stop

  5. Honestly the car looks like when your driving at 300km/h it feels as if it will brake apart. Cause it doesn't look well Build.

  6. Well the German hp are more accurate than American hp. This is very good for a modified engine car but bugatti is just a w16 engine made by the best engineers in the world and its sport and luxury .

  7. I like your smile when you push the red button.
    The sound is astonished.
    For me, this is a dream that I never will realize!


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