YEAR LOTUS EMIRA, GT4 RS or AM Valkyrie? | | Chris Harris on 2022 | Advanced Equipment

From Aston Martin Valkyrie and BMW M3 Touring to V6 hybrid supercars and VW ID. Buzz: Jack of Top Gear magazine ….

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  1. The Emira chassis is the same technology Lotus have used before but a completely new design. The ID3/4 do exactly what they are supposed to do which is to get from point A to point B. They were never designed to be an exciting mode of transport.

  2. What's the point though, speed limiter s incoming, may as well all have a bicycle… He forgot about the new type r :/

  3. As a very astute Toyota Corona driver… I’m with you on so many points Chris!!

  4. I still struggle to get over the Lotus' rear half reminding me of a dog trying to get rid of an itchy bum on a carpet…

  5. So, BMW are finally going to sell the car they should have been selling all along? Better late than never i suppose. I predict they will sell well.

  6. I have high hopes for the lotus too. I have no doubt it will be brilliant, the question is "have they buttoned it up enough to sell?"

  7. Can’t wait to get my Emira this year. I’m hoping it will be a modern interpretation similar to my 993.

  8. I completely agree with Chris at 6:47… you can ask the same questions about most cars today…I specially wonder what went wrong when buying one of these smaller, pointless "city" SUVs that all look the same to me…

  9. Yup, the Lotus is the one for me too; looks great, relatively affordable – given the silly price of some of the others, and I expect it to be great to drive as well.

  10. Chris harris about to get his wish answered because porsche has said the gt4 rs comes in a manual option because it's a drivers car!

  11. Everyone loves a video about people talking about cars instead of actually driving the cars. Oh wait, no they don't.

  12. The Project One is going to surprise alot of people. Also the Emira and GT4 look like they will be so much fun. Once the T50 is done it will be great but not sure it's going to be ready next year.

  13. At least 5yrs minimum, maybe 10yr?, before Chris Harris joined Top Gear, I watched him on YouTube…
    I absolutely loved him then and I still love him now. He hasn't changed.
    When the 3 Stooges left, Chris Harris and Sabine IMMEDIATELY came to mind…
    I miss Sabine.. Just typing that my eyes are watering…I can't type anymore..


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