You Won't Believe How Much the New 2018 Ford F-150 Can Tow!

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  1. OK, I purchased a 2018 Ford F-150 crew cab with the 2.7 Eco, 10 speed transmission and 3.55 rear end. According to the manual I can tow 11,300 . . . . BUT, in talking to Ford, they say 9000. I purchased a Sunset Trailer Grand Reserve, Dry weight 7500. Loaded it up, weighed it, 8154. I just took it on its maiden voyage of 516 miles which included several 6 and 7 percent grades and pulled and handled great. MPG was 11.5 and even in the windy conditions in SoCal, (had Santa Ana winds on Friday) no sway or problems. Only thing I did to the truck was Firestone Airbags to help stabilize handling. Overall, well pleased with my Ford. Towing, running 11-12 MPG, around town, 17-19 MPG and highway without a trailer, 20-22 MPG.

  2. Yeah and the tow hitch on the 2018.s are not rated more then 12,200 lbs..( from my research) So tell me how your going to get 13000 plus? I assume when someone complains they will start throwing new stickers on the hitches..

    But theres more…

    Also the GCWR on a truck I was looking at was 18400. That means if I towed 13000 the truck can only weight 5400 lbs… Ha ha ha.. The 13000 is calculated with a sae j2807..

    New calculations for trailer weight ratings: In addition to the performance standards, SAE J2807 also uses a specific set of assumptions to calculate maximum trailer weight ratings:

    For light-duty full-size pickups (GVWR < 8,500 lbs.), SAE J2807 assumes that the tow vehicle includes any options with higher than 33 percent penetration;
    It assumes there is both a driver and passenger in the vehicle, each weighing 150 pounds;
    It assumes that tow vehicles also include up to 70 pounds of aftermarket hitch equipment (where applicable); and
    For conventional trailer towing, SAE J2807 assumes that 10 percent of the trailer weight is on the tongue.

    Wow!!!! Lets put this togther here..

    With an 18400 GCWR – 13000 max trailer lbs your truck cant weigh more then 5400 lbs…


    Take out the two drivers 300 lbs, 70 lbs cargo, and 10% TW 1300lbs.

    So your truck empty needs to weigh 3,730 lbs…

    No way something is flawed… I bet no one has an answer!!! And I think my math is somewhat correct..

  3. I have had both the 5.0 and the 3.5 ecoboost. The Ecoboost performance is amazing. The 5.0 was good and they both got close to the same gas mileage. The prices are HIGH on both but I do keep mine for 5+ years and they seem to hold up very well. They get used on and off road and handle everything I can dish out. The Ecoboost has a great tow rating and has an edge in gas mileage. The 2018 is intriguing as they have upped the tow anti.

  4. Macbooks? Really guys? Wow.

    If I was towing that much I wouldn't use a half-ton truck. A heavier truck will stop and handle the load more securely. Nice try Ford.

    260 lb-ft of torque in a 2018 half-ton? Weak sauce. Try again. I don't want to save $0.39 at the pump, I want more power to haul up and down the hills without constantly rapping-out the engine, FFS.

  5. some people here are just idiots, just because a truck has proven it can tow 13000 lbs doesn't mean you have to, that's the limit, just because a car can do 200mph doesn't mean you have to drive that fast, just sayin

  6. Ford is the only major American car manufacturer that didn't take Obama's "bailout" money. Since all these manufacturers make very similar trucks nowadays I will be sticking with fords simply because they didn't give the American citizens the shaft like the other manufacturers did

  7. I looked at Ford trucks before I bought my Ram quad cab Laramie. Ford is so cocky that they really don't deal much on the price! I love the Ram and would buy another over a Ford.

  8. Yes it's a Ford promo, that's why Ford invite them and others like them to see what's coming in the fall. Then later they will give vehicles to drive to see if they match the hype.

  9. Folks it doesn't matter which model of F150 you get because either way they're Absoulty overpriced just like any other modern vehicle you see on the road today.


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